Vertically Integrated Walnut Services

Andersen & Sons Shelling specializes in the growing, processing and marketing of walnuts.
Our marketing scope includes domestic and an increasing international market.

Who We Are

Since 1904 the Andersen’s have been farming prunes, walnuts and cattle in the small town of Vina, located in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Four generations later Andersen & Sons are still going strong. In a day and age when family-owned and operated farms are rare, Andersen & Sons takes great pride in being a completely “family-owned and operated” American family farm.

Evolving and growing as a family owned business for over a century is no easy task. With hard work and determination, Andersen & Sons have been successful in being diverse while holding true to our philosophy to provide superior products with excellent customer service.

Andersen & Sons Shelling currently offers conventional and organic walnuts In-Shell and various Kernel product types. Today we proudly ship our products to numerous foreign countries including: Japan, Australia, Republic of Korea (South Korea) and Germany. We strive to nurture and maintain both foreign and domestic markets by offering a high quality product that exceeds customer expectations. Please contact the office in regards to sales or contracts along with any questions.

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