Vertically Integrated Walnut Services

Andersen & Sons Shelling specializes in the growing, processing and marketing of walnuts.
Our marketing scope includes domestic and an increasing international market.

Farm Management

Andersen & Sons integrates comprehensive market information and cutting edge technology with years of successful farming experience to promote and capitalize on profitable opportunities. The Andersen family also grows English walnuts with orchards in the Northern Sacramento Valley; along with offering farm management. We are farmers and understand the importance of a company to process and market the finished goods.

Walnut Hulling & Drying

The outer green husk is removed by a huller and the nut is mechanically dehydrated to optimum 8% moisture level. Currently our Dairyville location has openings for custom hulling and drying.

Walnut Packaging & Shipping

Finally they are hand-sorted by trained sorters and certified by DFA for quality and USDA standards and then are ready for packing.


We have partnered with John Bean Technologies Corporation and installed a new pasteurization system. The Stein JSP-1 Jet Stream Pasteurizer uses a steam and heat treatment method that eliminates salmonella and other pathogens without compromising the integrity of the raw nut. The JSP-1 is like no other pasteurizer. It operates at high temperatures yet processes the product passing through with virtually no damage to the nut surface.


Private Label Manufacturing

We offer state-of-the-art private label manufacturing with first-class service. Need help? Then take out the guess work and let Andersens get your products in customer hands with our consumer packaging line. You can have your products packed, sealed and ready for the shelf to meet any of your timelines to help build your brand to better service your company and customers. Whether it is trails mixes, roasted, flavored or natural nuts, at Andersens, you can rest assured the integrity and quality of your product will be preserved and handled with the best of care. Below is a list of our services available for private label manufacturing:

  • 3oz – 3lbs
  • Co-Packing
  • Resealable
  • Stand-up Pouches
  • Pillow Pouches


Our Technology

Throughout history, scientific and technological advances have greatly impacted the agriculture industry. Farming and food processing is currently undergoing another revolution as 20th century technology infiltrates the growing, processing and distribution of food products.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then traceability is the father of technology in food processing. More than ever before, consumers want to know that their food is safe and fresh, and where it comes from. At Andersen & Sons Shelling we believe that when a brand demonstrates the connection between freshness, quality and trust, everyone wins. Technology is a cornerstone that helps us accomplish this goal.

We developed our own custom tracking system to address the uniqueness of processing walnuts. Utilizing a completely wireless campus along with Bar-coding allowing us to operate more efficiently and still insure traceability of the products we sell.

Food Security & Safety

Andersen & Sons maintains a secure food processing plant by having experienced personnel that inspect all incoming and outgoing products. All incoming product is thoroughly identified and labeled with a bin ID tag and given a lot number which remains with that product throughout its entire process. DFA inspects both incoming and outgoing product. Employees are well educated on the rules and regulations of the facility. Signs have been posted at every entrance to remind employees and visitors of what is expected upon entering the plant.

Visitors are required to check-in at the main office prior to entering the plant and will be accompanied by proper personnel into the plant once authorized to do so. Records of inspection are kept on a daily basis that shows proper cleanliness, lot tracking and raw material safety. Transportation vehicles are verified by trained personnel in the main office. Cameras are located and operating twenty four hours a day, both inside and outside of all facilities.

The current certifications that Andersen and Sons Shelling hold are: Organic, Kosher, Food Security, SQF, and HACCP. Using the resources governed by these certifications allows us to provide a safe quality product to our customers in the United States and abroad. We use state of the art technology in our processes to provide superior products with excellent customer service.

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